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The State of Twitter Photo Sharing The State of Twitter Photo Sharing
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The big news hit yesterday that Twitter will be rolling out its own native image service, powered by PhotoBucket. Users will be able to upload photos and attach them directly to tweets without using one of the many third-party applications …

The Things People Looked for Pictures of on Twitter in 2009

Earlier, we looked at Twitter’s top trending topics of 2009. They broke it down into several top ten lists based on various categories.

Bit.ly Teams Up with Yfrog on Image Sharing
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Update: The YFrog and bit.ly partnership is now live. A YFrog spokesperson says that with Apple announcement that iPod nanos will now come equipped with video cameras – this opens a new, inexpensive way for people to capture video and then post it to Twitter.

Top 10 Photo/Video Categories on Twitter
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The numbers show that Twitterers sent out less Tweets in August, but there is still plenty of Tweeting going around. In fact, Twitter has even surpassed MySpace in the UK, in terms of visits.

"Twitter is estimated to have between 35-45 million users worldwide that access the site on a daily basis to share their life as it happens," a representative for Yfrog tells WebProNews.

New Features Added for Seesmic Web
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One of the more popular Twitter web apps, Seesmic Web, allows you to process your Twitter messages in an "email-like interface"… essentially it’s a desktop app for your browser, minus a few bells and whistles. Recently though, they’ve added a few extra bells, they are as follows: