Yahoo Gets Mexican Yellow Pages Ruling Overturned

Yahoo Gets Mexican Yellow Pages Ruling Overturned

By Chris Crum May 17, 2013

The Superior Court of Justice for the Federal District in Mexico agreed to overturn awards against Yahoo and Yahoo Mexico after Yahoo appealed a previous ruling that had ordered it to pay $2.75 billion in a suit brought by Worldwide …

The Yellow Pages Launches Opt-Out Website
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The Yellow Pages Association has introduced a new website that allows people to opt out of  receiving phone directories.

The new website, Yellowpagesoptout.com, allows people to select which phone directories they receive, or stop deliveries entirely.




Yellow Pages iPhone App Gets Voice Search

Voice search is one of the more convenient features of phones these days (at least when it works). AT&T Interactive has launched the latest version of its Yellow Pages app YPMobile, and it comes with voice search, which should make the app a great deal more useful.

Online Yellow Pages Driving Purchases

The majority of consumers who use print and online Yellow Pages sites for local business information are "ready to buy" according to a new study released by the Yellow Pages Association and conducted by marketing research firm Burke.

Approximately 8 out of 10 Internet Yellow Pages searchers were from people who said they were ready to buy, with 36 percent reporting they had made a purchase after finding local business information at an online Yellow Pages site, and an additional 44 percent saying they intended to make a purchase.

New Mobile Search Ads for Yellow Pages App

AT&T Interactive has announced an updated version of its YellowPages.com YPMobile app for the iPhone. The new version has a couple of new features that focus on the discovery, planning, and sharing of local businesses and events – video profiles and Pay Per Calls ads.

Local Customers Use Internet More Than Yellow Pages

A new study has revealed that print yellow pages are no longer the main way customers seek local information. The internet (through search engines, local directories etc.) is now the top way consumers look for local information.

Yellow Pages Dying Off In Ten Years?

Yellow Pages Dinosaur

Fingers Do The Walking To Directories Online

The yellow pages businesses enjoyed decades of dominance as the caretakers of local information for millions of consumers.

Print Yellow Page Usage Erosion Forecast

Over at Media Post, The Kelsey Group is

quoted today

saying that the erosion in usage of print yellow pages is likely to fall off at a higher rate this year — by 10% this year, compared with only 2% to 3% erosion in recent years.

Yellow Pages Industry Trying To Adapt
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2007 wasn’t at all easy, but 2008 could be the toughest year yet for the print Yellow Pages industry, according to a new report.  Companies may try unusual things to save money, and at the same time, are expected to increase their efforts to succeed online.

SES Chicago: Tips From YellowPages.com

Everything can come together in Yellow Pages listings – these are what get some people to make purchases.  So this puts the Yellow Pages in a rather unique position, and Charles Stubbs, the CEO of YellowPages.com, discussed what he’s learned in the industry at SES Chicago.

Bill Gates Predicts End Of Yellow Pages
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Technology will advance so far for local advertising that when voice and data truly combine on mobile phones, the usage of venerable yellow page directories to find businesses will be near zero for anyone under 50.

Bill Gates Predicts End Of Yellow Pages
Bill Gates Predicts End Of Yellow Pages
Bill Gates Predicts End Of Yellow Pages