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Yandex Offers Search Refiners To Help Archive Search Goals Yandex Offers Search Refiners To Help Archive Search Goals

Yandex now offers search refiners to help web users achieve their search goals. The new functionality appears right below Yandex’s search bar in response to unspecified queries, helping users to instantly refine their searches. Those searching for “blueberry”, for instance, …

Yandex Now Part Of NASDAQ Internet Index, Launches Real-Time Bidding Ad Model Yandex Now Part Of NASDAQ Internet Index, Launches Real-Time Bidding Ad Model

Russian search giant Yandex has been added to the NASDAQ Internet Index (Nasdaq:QNET), effective today. The NASDAQ Internet Index includes companies in online software, Internet service providers, search engines, web hosting, web design, and e-commerce. As of the time of …

Russian Web Ad Spending Overtakes Print Russian Web Ad Spending Overtakes Print

Online advertising expenditures were up 56% in Russia in 2011, overtaking print ads for the first time. The internet presently accounts for 16% of ad spending in Russia, still a far cry from TV ad dominance. Web ads in the …

Yandex Gets Twitter Access, Launches Social Features. Should Google Worry? Yandex Gets Twitter Access, Launches Social Features. Should Google Worry?

Yandex, the Russian search engine giant, announced a new social networking search program. The announcement doesn’t mention Twitter specifically, but Search Engine Land is reporting that the search engine has made a deal with Twitter to gain access to the …

Yandex Gets New Map Content From NAVTEQ Yandex Gets New Map Content From NAVTEQ

Russia’s most popular search engine, Yandex, announced today that it has purchased a license for digital maps from NAVTEQ, which will be used in the development of a “detailed world map” for Yandex.Maps. Yandex is using maps from NAVTEQ from …

$1 Billion Yandex IPO Set For This Summer

Anyone who would like to invest in Russia’s most successful search engine may want to start saving pennies and talking to his (or her) stockbroker.  Reports indicate that Yandex, which has had little trouble fending off Google in its home market, will go public and try to raise $1 billion this summer.

Yandex Reports 43 Percent Revenue Increase
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The Russian search company that has had little difficulty fending off Google in its homeland is also doing rather well financially.  Today, Yandex announced its 2010 financial results, and the company saw its revenues increase by an impressive 43 percent compared to 2009.

That puts Yandex’s revenue for 2010 at about $410 million, which is a tidy enough sum.  As for some other achievements, an official announcement explained, "Revenues from contextual advertising grew 45% year-over-year."

Facebook Places “Deals” Rumor, Facebook Makes Deal with Yandex

Nick O’Neill at AllFacebook has an interesting story, claiming Facebook is testing a new "Facebook Deals" service, which would let businesses provide deals when users check-in to their brick and mortar locations. 

Google Ready To Advance In Russia With New Search Deal
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About three months ago, Google Russia lost its CTO to Mail.ru as she became the company’s deputy CTO.  Now, it looks like a reunion of sorts may take place, as reports indicate that Google Russia and Mail.ru have reached a search deal.

Yandex Puts Off IPO Plans

Solid reports have indicated for several months that Yandex, the popular Russian search engine, would file for an IPO sometime this year.  Now it seems that international problems have made it delay things until 2009 instead.

Blame the global economy for starters.  Unsteady markets and rising inflation have caused investors to become nervous, making them less likely to sink money into anything without a long and solid track record.  Yandex, which was founded in 1997 and became profitable in 2002, might not be embraced.

LiveJournal billionaire seeks Yandex stake

Controversial Metalloinvest founder and Arsenal stakeholder Alisher Usmanov could drop a billion dollars into Russian search site Yandex.

Report: Yandex Eyeing $2 Billion Nasdaq IPO
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Russian property Yandex has both Yahoo and Microsoft beat in the European search market, and trounces Google, too, in its homeland.  Now, a report has indicated that Yandex (or at least its name) may travel to New York to raise $2 billion in an IPO.

Google Almost At 80 Percent In Europe
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Europe’s full of different countries, and all that impressive European Union stuff aside, it’s hard to believe they’ve got much in common.  Yet judging from new comScore statistics, it seems as if Google is the sort of thing that’ll generate smiles, or at least recognition, everywhere.

Hey Sergey, Yandex Kicks Google Butt In Russia
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China and India get all the attention from the major Internet players when it comes to growing Internet economies, but search advertising in Russia has a couple of local players dominating the field.