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 Mobile consumption of Wi-Fi is on the rise as consumers become increasingly mobile, according to a new report by JiWire.

Overall, the number of mobile devices accessing Wi-Fi hotspots grew by 79 percent in the first half of this year. While the iPhone and iPod Touch remain the most popular Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices, collectively representing 97.8 percent of all mobile device connections, the Palm Pre launched as the fifth most popular mobile device in June 2009, just within the first three months of its introduction.

Comic-Con Booths Lure Fans Via Twitter
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All of geekdom has descended upon the city of San Diego, California for Comic-Con 2009. The four-day event, which showcases everything from action figures to theatrical coming attractions, is the highlight of the year for many fanboys.

Are you attending Comic-Con today? Let us know.

Frequent Flyers Want Wi-Fi
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Frequent flyers say staying connected via Wi-Fi is their top priority when traveling, according to a new survey by American Airlines and HP.

Nearly half (47%) of business travelers said Wi-Fi was the most important airport amenity, outscoring basic travel needs such as food by nearly 30 percent.

"We know that our business customers rely on technology to be as productive as possible while on the road," said Manuel de Oyarzabal, Director – Customer Research at American Airlines.

Intel My WiFi Tech Set To Make Connectivity Effortless

Don’t be surprised if college students, business travelers, and people who simply have a lot of tech at home suddenly become a lot more fond of Intel.  The company has introduced something called My WiFi that aims make wireless communication between devices a lot simpler.

New Mexico Group Says It’s Allergic To Wi-Fi
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A group in Santa Fe, New Mexico wants to ban Wi-Fi from public buildings because they claim they are allergic to the wireless Internet signal.

"If I walk into a room or building that has Wi-Fi, my most immediate sign is that the front of my right thigh goes numb," Arthur Firstenberg, of Santa Fe told ABC. "If I don’t leave, I’ll get short of breath, chest pains and the numbness will spread."

In-Flight Wi-Fi Not A Must For Business Travelers
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With more airlines testing Wi-Fi and other communication technologies more than half (56%) of business travelers say they don’t feel the need to be connected while flying according to an Orbitz For Business Traveler Survey.

American Airlines Tests In-Flight WiFi
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On the long list of things that airplanes lack, the average person might rank short flight times, overall comfort, and decent food as being much more important than Internet access.  We’ll have to take what we can get,American Airlines Tests In-Flight WiFi though, and thanks to some 767 testing, a lot of American Airlines’s customers may be able to get that access.

SAFE Act Passage Panic Overblown
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The Securing Adolescents From Exploitation-Online Act looks scary on a privacy level at first, but is not as fearsome as it appears.

CBS Unwires Manhattan With Wi-Fi

An experiment by CBS enables people with Wi-Fi-capable devices to access the Internet for free, at 5Mbps speeds, as the network tries out a wireless initiative in the Big Apple.

Google Loses EarthLink In Wi-Fi Deal

If and when Google’s plans for providing wireless Internet service in San Francisco go forward, it will be without the participation of financially troubled partner EarthLink.

EarthLink recently announced it would shed some 900 jobs as part of its restructuring, but that wasn’t the end of its last-ditch efforts to stay afloat. The company won’t be Google’s Wi-Fi partner in San Francisco as a result.

This Is Your Brain On Wi-Fi…

It’s comforting (in a morbid, misery-loves-company-kind-of-way) that educational systems in other countries have problems. We hear a lot about Asia kicking our butts, especially in math and science, but we don’t hear of jolly old England’s technophobic teachers very often.

Cost Adds Up For Unused Wi-Fi Time

More than half of Wi-Fi hotspot users around the globe are wasting their money according to Trustive’s "WLAN Roaming Research 2007" report.

Cost Adds Up For Unused Wi-Fi Time
“Cost Adds Up For Unused Wi-Fi Time”
Cost Adds Up For Unused Wi-Fi Time
Avis Launches Wireless Service
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Avis Rent A Car has plans to offer portable Wi-Fi to their customers with the launch of Avis Connect service.

Utah’s Scared of the Internet
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Utah lawmakers are at it again, mulling a legislative crackdown on open wi-fi connections because they make it easier for children to access online pornography.

The state of Utah has been in the news a lot lately for its heavy-handed approach to Internet regulation. The most recent curfuffle was over a law banning the use of competitor keywords in search advertising.

Multimap Offering up a Sweet Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder

This comes from Multimap… a great way to find out if you’ll have Wi-Fi while on the road. You will be Guided to Your Nearest Wi-Fi Hotspots!