Google’s White Spaces Database Gets Certification From FCC

Google’s White Spaces Database Gets Certification From FCC

By Chris Crum June 28, 2013

Google just announced that its White Spaces database has received its final certification from the FCC. Google has been running a trial in South Africa, and in March announced that it reached a milestone in getting a public trial with …

Google Talks White Spaces, Google TV Coming This Month?

Google has a post on its Public Policy blog talking about moving forward on white spaces. As the company notes, the five current FCC Commissioners will soon meet to set final technical rules for white spaces. 

"If it gets the rules right, the Commission will have taken a huge step to put better and faster Internet connections in the hands of the public," says Richard Whitt, Washington Telecom and Media Counsel.


Google Shares Proposal for White Spaces Database

Last night, Google announced that it filed a submission to the FCC, asking it to designate Google as one of potentially several administrators of a "white spaces" geolocation database. Back in November of 2008, the FCC approved the use of these White Spaces, or unused airwaves between broadcast TV channels, for public wireless broadband service.

On Google’s Public Policy Blog, Richard Whitt, Washington Telecom and Media Counsel, writes:

White Spaces Officially Cleared For Wireless Broadband

A big story flew somewhat under the radar yesterday as the Election was at the forefront of minds not only all across the America, but around the world. The FCC has approved the use of the unused airwaves between broadcast TV channels, otherwise known as "white spaces" for public wireless broadband service.

Google Sees White Spaces Filling With Internet

Testing at the Federal Communication Commission will determine whether or not Google and its fellow backers of wireless broadband within unused spectrum reaches the marketplace.

Google, Verizon Weigh In On White Space Test
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The on-going corporate wrangling between Google and Verizon is heating up again as the Federal Communications Commission prepares to test technology that would make it possible to offer WiFi broadband Internet over unused TV channels known as white spaces.

Google Aims Block At Verizon Wireless Bid
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Verizon’s win in the FCC auction for the C block of 700MHz spectrum should be stopped unless the company agrees to give existing customers open access privileges, according to Google.

GrandCentral Figures In Google’s Wi-Fi Plans

With Google’s purchase of GrandCentral Communications in July 2007, the company set up a way to pull people away from their relationships with wireless phone carriers.

Google, Wireless Firms Snipe Over White Spaces

T-Mobile and Sprint don’t want companies like Google, Microsoft, and other using the “white spaces” of unused spectrum for wireless service.

Google, Microsoft Want Some (White) Space

Google and Microsoft aren’t always rivals. Quite often in government matters they’re pals – Network Neutrality is a good example. Most recently the two tech behemoths have squared off against the Association for Maximum Service Television (MSTV) over unused broadcast spectrum.