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Writers Form Production Company

It’s kind of fun to watch hardworking, deserving people stick it to The Man. The most recent sticking comes from a group of WGA writers who are forming their own company to produce TV, film, and web content.

As primetime continues its downward spiral, leaving us with the same old recycled (non)reality content and Stephen Colbert is reduced to lip-synching Prince songs for half his show, disgruntled writers are taking matters into their own hands.

The Writers Strike And The Future Of The Net

The Writers Guild of America strike has been an interesting debacle to watch, complete with a host of issues the public might not have thought of before. The inevitable convergence of the Internet and TV is one of them; the continued homogenization of American culture is another.

Is the Future of Television in Jeopardy?
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“It’s all about power.  Their delight is about screwing somebody,” said Charles Pogue referring to the major studios and production companies in Hollywood and New York. Pogue is a screenwriter, current member of the Writers Guild of America, and former member of the Board of Directors for the WGA. 

The (Potential) Iron Fist Of Microsoft’s WGA

Microsoft’s Windows Genuine Advantage is drawing the ire of a number of experts, analysts, and users. The program is intended to guard against “counterfeit or non-genuine” copies of Windows; it also leads the way to “free downloads” and “free updates.” But many people think it’s getting a little too Big Brother-y.