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Jeff Goldblum Is Golden With Viral Laugh And New Movies

Seriously, who doesn’t love Jeff Goldblum? With his stream-of-consciousness witterings, interview improvisations, and miscellaneous quirks, the man remains positively enigmatic into his 60’s. That’s why they couldn’t refuse to ask him back to reclaim his role for Independence Day 2. This Jeff confirmed in a manner consistent with his unique brand of verbal hypnosis: “Oh, good, so he’s talked about …

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The Grand Budapest Hotel Trailer Released [Video]

The Grand Budapest Hotel, already one of the most anticipated films of 2014, has finally released its long-awaited trailer. The Grand Budapest Hotel is the latest film from Wes Anderson, a big fan favorite. Anderson is known for reusing his favorite actors, and has gained a reputation for it, with this film being no different. Wes Anderson‘s last film, Moonrise …

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Wes Anderson Takes On “Star Wars”

What would “Star Wars” be like if Wes Anderson directed it? Quirky and funny with lots of dry humor and oddly lovable characters? More than likely. The people over at “Conan” decided to see for themselves what it would look like, and I have to say…it’s pretty brilliant. The only thing it’s lacking is a serious amount of Bill Murray.

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Sony’s Wes Anderson TV Spot Employs Robots

Who doesn’t like tiny little stop-motion robots? They are probably the most neutral characters you can employ. They don’t have feelings, but somehow they’re cute. I am sure this is what Sony had in mind when they hired Wes Anderson to direct commercials for them. In Sony’s latest Xperia series of commercials Anderson features children’s commentary about how they believe …

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Wes Anderson Directed 2 Hyundai Azera Commercials

Wes Anderson movies aren’t for everyone. He has a very unique and strange way of telling a story, that I personally dig immensely. This past Sunday, during the Academy Awards, Anderson brought his quirkiness to the small screen with two commercials for the Hyundai Azera. The first commercial, titled Talk to My Car, has a Knight Rider-ish sort of feel …

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Seth Rogen Peeing In Tom Cruise’s Driveway, Crow Roof Tubing, and Gravity Sucks

A viral video is one that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, via social media, sharing sites, or good ‘ole email. Everyday we highlight some of the best that are currently viral and some that are trending that way. Today’s videos feature Wes Anderson’s lastest movie ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ trailer, a Wall-E/Prometheus trailer mash-up, a mean cat, and…crow roof …

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