Obamacare Website: Will It Be Ready By Saturday For A Surge In Use?

Obamacare Website: Will It Be Ready By Saturday For A Surge In Use?

By Tina Volpe November 30, 2013 | 1 Comment

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) website has been nothing but troublesome since its launch October 1st for those trying to gain access to affordable health insurance. The problems were many, from the site being completely shut down, to freezing and …

SaveWhitePeople.com Is A Whole New Brand Of Crazy SaveWhitePeople.com Is A Whole New Brand Of Crazy


Sometimes things just fall into your lap, and when they get there you can’t help but just shake your head and wish you could un-think their existence. Which is exactly the feeling sweeping over me now, with SaveWhitePeople.com. When visiting …

President Obama’s Campaign For 2012 Election Begins President Obama’s Campaign For 2012 Election Begins

It’s hard to imagine we’re only a year and some change away from the 2012 presidential election. Though it seems a long ways off, President Obama has begun the campaign for the 2012 election with an overhaul of BarackObama.com. The …

Is Cyber Monday Still A Factor In The Holiday Shopping Season?

So many of the traditions we adhere to and enjoy during the holiday season is based on myth. Santa Claus (hope no kids are reading this), mistletoe dates back to Celtic mythology, and if many people on the internet have their way Cyber Monday could join the list.

Will you shop online during Cyber Monday? …
 let us know.

Yahoo Site Re-Design Coming In Fall

After years of poor performances and publicity turmoil, the powers that be at Yahoo! are embarking on one of the company’s most import brand overhauls.

MTV Website Trying To Find People To View Music Videos

Mtv_music The original go to place for music videos has launched a new web site aime

AffiliatePrograms.com Launches New Website

AffilatePrograms.com just launched their new website. If you visited the site in the past, it pretty much looked like a directory with a forum. But now with their new design they have made a lot of improvements.

YouTube Tackles The Davos Question
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I hate to be a cynic, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to help it. It is something, after all, and something unprecedented.  Following the (arguable) success of the CNN-YouTube presidential debates, YouTube is taking submissions from users again, this time to be presented to world leaders as they gather for their Masters of the Universe Ball.

Well, okay. It’s not called that. It’s called the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

A “Whopper” of a Marketing Campaign

I am impressed with Burger Kings latest marketing campaign, which combines both Television and the Internet advertising, and includes elements of viral marketing and social proof.

Google Gets A GOP Griefer

House Republican Joe Barton from Texas has a burr in his saddle about Google – 24 burrs, to be precise, some in multiple parts.

Google Goes to U.N. Climate Conference
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The U.N. has brought representatives from 190 nations to Bali, Indonesia to discuss climate change.  Want to guess what search engine giant is present, as well?  That’s right – Google.

Google To Track Santa With NORAD
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Google has announced a partnership with NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defense Command), and while that sounds alarming, there’s no need to build a bomb shelter.  Instead, bake some cookies and grab a glass of milk, because the two entities intend to track Santa.

Link Purchasing or Website Network Building?

For a long time now Google’s Matt Cutts has made it clear that purchasing links will become a hazardous business both for the link seller and the link purchaser.

Wal-Mart Kicks Off “Cyber Week”
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Compared to most retailers, Wal-Mart is really, really big.  So it only makes sense that the company is doing away with Cyber Monday, and is instead focusing on an entire “Cyber Week.”

The Social Media Playbook

Muhammad Saleem has written a great introductory guide on how to approach social media.

Black Friday Website Visitors Mostly Women

The droves of Black Friday shoppers are just warming up. Last week, traffic to websites specifically dedicated to America’s Other Holiday was up 145 percent, dominated by new visitors and young women.