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Obamacare Website: Will It Be Ready By Saturday For A Surge In Use?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) website has been nothing but troublesome since its launch October 1st for those trying to gain access to affordable health insurance. The problems were many, from the site being completely shut down, to freezing and taking an extremely long time to access applications and other information. When the Obama Administration hired Jeffrey Zients to fix …

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Bitstrips App: Awesome or Annoying?

We’ve seen quite a few Facebook fads over the years. Most Facebook users surely remember how popular the What People Think I Do and SomeEcards trends were (and still are, especially if you’re over 25). Now people have found another way to channel their sarcasm and passive-aggressiveness: the Bitstrips app. If you aren’t quite sure what that is yet, scroll …

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Want to Know if Someone Died In Your House? This Website Tells You.

Have you ever heard a noise in your home that you couldn’t explain, or are planning to buy a house soon and want to see whether any deaths have occurred in the home? If so, check out Died In House, a website that claims to let you do exactly what its name says–find out who died in your home. Died …

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Facecrook Site Assists Police with Locating Wanted Criminals

Facecrook, a new site utilized by the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office, is designed to help locate wanted criminals by posting their names and photos in a database for all to see. When you click on a particular crook, his or her last location appears on a map at the bottom of the page, letting you know where, precisely, the individual …

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SaveWhitePeople.com Protestor Strikes Back at Gay Pride Parade

In April, I wrote about a website which completely blew me away with its stupidity. What really makes SaveWhitePeople.com’s particular brand of stupidity so interesting is that it is so well articulated. When thinking of someone who is racist or hateful in general, there’s usually an air of ignorance that coincides; which can either be noticed with terrible grammar or …

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SaveWhitePeople.com Is A Whole New Brand Of Crazy

Sometimes things just fall into your lap, and when they get there you can’t help but just shake your head and wish you could un-think their existence. Which is exactly the feeling sweeping over me now, with SaveWhitePeople.com. When visiting the website, you at first might think you’d be met with KKK references, confederate flags, and bad grammar. In fact, …

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