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Optimizing A Site For Mobile: Google Provides 70 Minutes Worth Of Tips Optimizing A Site For Mobile: Google Provides 70 Minutes Worth Of Tips
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Google has posted a pair of webinars from its “GoMo” campaign, which is an initiative to get people to create mobile-friendly sites. One of the webinars is for advertisers and one is for publishers. They both include tips and case …

Infographic Looks At Direct And Indirect Costs Of Testing Your Site Infographic Looks At Direct And Indirect Costs Of Testing Your Site
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Monetate has put out an interesting infographic looking at the total cost of website testing. The top challenges, according to Monetate are: deciding what to test, prioritizing testing initiatives, conducting the actual tests, obtaining enough traffic for statistical significance and …

Want A Faster Website? Reduce Requests. Want A Faster Website? Reduce Requests.
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If your website consistently loads in under two seconds, congratulations! ┬áIt is in the small minority of sites able to meet the new threshold for patience among Internet users. But if yours is like the vast majority of websites that …

Thesis WordPress Theme Creator Talks Golden Ratio and Typography Thesis WordPress Theme Creator Talks Golden Ratio and Typography
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The Golden Ratio is often associated with the Greeks and arts and architecture. However, Chris Pearson, the Creator of Thesis and Founder of DIYthemes, has a pretty convincing argument for applying it to typography and Web design. He said that if people relate aesthetic beauty and efficiency to the Golden Ratio, then why not use it in typography?

Redesigning Your Site? Don’t Make it Harder for Google to Extract the Text Redesigning Your Site? Don’t Make it Harder for Google to Extract the Text
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Google posted one of the Matt Cutts Q&A videos today, where he talks about the effects of site redesigns with redirects on search rankings. Here’s the specific question as it was posed to Matt: I’m changing the platform of my …

Adobe Launches Creative Suite 5.5 Adobe Launches Creative Suite 5.5

Today, Adobe announced a new version of its popular Creative Suite software. The company has always aimed to enable Web designers and developers to produce quality products and the new Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium is no exception.

Getting Your Site Ready for TV
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If you’re not already, it’s time to start thinking about optimizing your site for televisions. With more connected devices coming out and gaining popularity (not to mention people simply hooking their computers up to their TVs), you’re going to want to have a site that is presentable on large TV screens, as well as small ones. 

Google Launches New Preview Feature for Font Directory
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Google has launched a new feature for its font directory that lets users preview fonts and generates code to use them. The font directory contains fonts that are part of Google’s font API.

Google Ditches Local Listings for SEOs and Designers
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As 2009 came to a close, Google managed to get SEOs riled up for one last controversial topic. For some time, SEOs and web designers have been noticing that Google has not been showing local listings in search results for queries related to their businesses – even location-specific ones.

Should SEOs and designers be worried about local listings?
Comment here.

Google Tool Shows Where the Eyeballs Go on Your Site
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Google has launched a new Google Labs experiment called Browser Size, which is a tool aimed at helping webmasters see how others view their site. Google’s official description of the tool says:

Ever wondered what parts of your site can’t be seen without scrolling? Browser Size shows you what portion of users can see a give spot on the screen. This is not screen resolution but the area available to the browser – as gathered from www.google.com users.

Here is what it looks like:

Google May Take Over More Design Jobs
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Web designers beware. Google is expanding its templates for Google Sites, which is part of Google Apps, and the company is really pushing Google Apps these days. What this means is that as more businesses adopt Google Apps and find a wider variety of site templates to choose from, the less they may need the services of web designers for basic design work (developers are a different story).

Google Sites Gets New Image, Feed, and Template Features
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Google has made it easier to insert Picasa Web Albums photos into Google Sites. They have added a photo option to the "insert menu."

In addition, users can upload photos directly to Picasa Web Albums from within Google Sites, using the "upload photo" tab in the insert dialog. It should be noted, however, that Google Apps users will not see the options, because Picasa Web Albums is not available in Google Apps.

Note Your Google Website Optimizer Experiments
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Google has released a new feature for its Website Optimizer tool, called Experiment Notes. The feature is designed to help users include documentation as part of their testing. For any experiments, users can now add their own annotations.

If you are unfamiliar with Website Optimizer, it’s a free tool from Google that webmasters can use to increase conversions by making adjustments to design and text elements to see what works.

Breaking Down Twitter’s New Homepage
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On Tuesday, we told you about the launch of Twitter’s new homepage. The revamped design sports a sleek look that is pretty easy on the eye. But, once you get past the pleasing aesthetics, you’ll also see that Twitter has added a search capability and popular topics, which in turn could mean an influx of Twitterers.

Twitter Launches New Homepage Design
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This past Friday we told you about the new Twitter homepage that was just days away. Well,  now @Biz has updated the Twitter blog informing us that the new design has been launched.

New Twitter homepage

Microsoft Puts Out New Version of Silverlight
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Microsoft has launched Silverlight 3 and Expression 3 today. Silverlight is a browser plug-in that enables companies to design, develop, and deliver web apps. Expression is a set of design tools and technologies.

The new Silverlight release in particular is big news. Over 1/3 of Internet devices have installed version 2 since its launch less than nine months ago.

Microsoft also announced that MGM and NBC Sports are using Silverlight for different forthcoming video efforts.

Adobe Launches Some Flash Platform Beta Releases

Today Adobe announced the launch of some new beta releases for the Adobe Flash Platform. These are Flash Builder 4 (formerly Flex Builder), Flash Catalyst and the open source Flex 4 framework SDK.

Twitter Redesign a Placeholder for Functionality
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There’s been a lot of redesign talk lately among big names, most notably Facebook and Yahoo!. Twitter announced today that it was rolling out a new design. This design turns out to be pretty much all about aesthetics rather than improved user experience.

Don’t worry. If you think the design is missing some things that you would like to see added, Twitter is accepting feedback, and had this to say:

SEO Does Have A Future

Now Shoemoney is a friend of mine, but regarding his post SEO Has No Future today, I am forced to disagree with him. Not only does SEO have a future but judging by the number of SEO clients I am turning away, and the number of job offers I am receiving on weekly basis to take on in house positions, all during a shrinking economy and a recession, the future is looking pretty bright for SEO …

Is It Web Design, Or Web Development?

I’m working with a prospective client who needs specialized e-commerce assistance – more than I’m capable of doing in a timely manner. So I found an experienced PHP programmer who can provide this expertise.

Microsoft Embraces Standards For IE8
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Fear of possible “legal and regulatory” issues likely motivated Microsoft to enable three rendering modes for the next version of the Internet Explorer browser.

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