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Adobe Connect 9 Launches Q3 2012, Gets New Features

There are a multitude of options out there for web conferencing, but most of them do the same thing. One of the more unique options is Adobe Connect since it uses Flash to integrate presentations and notes into the conference. The newest version is getting more than just Flash support this time around. Adobe announced today that Adobe Connect 9 …

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Interview: SalesCrunch to Acquire Cisco’s WebEx for $1 Plus Equity?

This week, online meeting platform SalesCrunch made an offer to buy WebEx from Cisco. What’s interesting about the offer is the fact that it offered Cisco $1 plus a 15 percent stake in the new company.

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Does Web Conferencing Hurt Business?

I just saw a short online article summarizing results of a survey sponsored by The article had the provocative headline “Survey: Cutting business travel cuts business.”

It opened with two bullet points in bold face on a highlighted background:

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SlideShare Zipcasts for Real Time Collaboration

A long time ago Tim Oren scribbled this on a napkin to help explain a little of what he learned about collaboration.

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Web Conferencing Solutions – Where is the Performance?

How do web conferencing providers differentiate themselves from the pack and demonstrate their superiority in value and benefits to potential customers? The primary answer (as known by any commercial software product marketing manager) is to add features. “More features! I need to be able to put out a press release talking about new capabilities! I need to publish a product sheet showing that we can do something our competitors can’t do!”

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