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Gaviota Pier: Damaging Waves Rip into Popular Fishing Dock

A historic pier at Gaviota State Beach in Santa Barbara, Calif., collapsed Saturday morning due to damaging waves. Gaviota Beach is popular for camping, hiking, and surfing. However, one feature that attracts visiting tourists and local residents is the windy …

Giant Wave Kills Tourist in Mexico
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The Associated Press is reporting that a giant wave hit two tourists on a beach in Cabo San Lucas, dragging them out to sea and killing one of them. A 65-year-old woman was killed by the freak wave, while a …

Leaves, Waves, & A Cheetah Above The Red Light District Leaves, Waves, & A Cheetah Above The Red Light District

It was a lot harder than usual to narrow down the best photos from Google+ today, but these were the ones eventually deemed worth sharing in Top Photos from Google+. Move your mouse cursor over each image to read the …

Google Wave Gets a Feature for “Following”

Google has added a "follow" feature to Google Wave. The feature is designed to let users stay up to date on public waves of interest. In other words, if there are waves out there that are available to everybody, and you want to follow it, simply click the follow button for that particular wave.

Google To Create Sea Worthy Data Centers