Edward Snowden Interview With Washington Post

Edward Snowden Interview With Washington Post

By Tina Volpe December 25, 2013

In a recent television message from Edward Snowden – his comment “I’ve already won” undoubtedly has people talking. Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency (NSA) leaker, has given a revealing interview to The Washington Post about how the disturbing information …

Washington Post Hires Digg Tech Team Washington Post Hires Digg Tech Team

Some thought it was going to be an acquisition, others thought it would just be talent acquisition, but it turns out, the Washington Post is just hiring some members of Digg’s technology team. The Next Web initially reported that the …

Facebook Tests "Trending Articles" in User Newsfeeds Facebook Tests "Trending Articles" in User Newsfeeds

Mashable is reporting that Facebook has begun to test a “Trending Articles” feature in user news feeds. The feature inserts articles from Facebook social reader apps into a user’s news feed amongst status updates and likes. Social reader apps are …

Google Favored More Than Apple, Facebook, & Twitter Google Favored More Than Apple, Facebook, & Twitter

This just in: nobody is really sure how exactly they feel about tech companies. Following last week’s LA Times/USC Dornsife poll found that most people don’t trust Google with their private information, another poll has revealed that, among tech companies, …

Washington Post Masthead on Chinese Govt Publication Washington Post Masthead on Chinese Govt Publication

Freedom of speech — and thus, consequently, freedom to advertise — are fundamental principles of a free democracy and a thriving capitalist democracy, right? That’s what we’re told in this country from a young age. Well it turns out those …

Google Buys Ads Defending, Explaining New Privacy Policy Google Buys Ads Defending, Explaining New Privacy Policy

Sometimes you hear the military or sports metaphor “the best offense is a good defense.” That would seem like a fit strategy for most situations, like those involving military and sports, but it hasn’t been working out so well for …

Sarah Palin’s Emails To Be Released Sarah Palin’s Emails To Be Released

The long-delayed trove of digital correspondence between Sarah Palin and about fifty state officials will finally be released tomorrow. Many are anxious as to what might be revealed in the emails, while some believe that they probably won’t provide any …

Washington Post And Bloomberg To Launch News Service

The Washington Post and Bloomberg are partnering to launch "The Washington Post News Service with Bloomberg News" which will provide content to newspapers, websites and other subscribers.

The move comes a day after the Post ended its partnership with the Tribune’s Los Angeles Times.

Washington Post Social Media Policy Faces Criticism

The Washington Post has sent a memo to its editors/journalists outlining the publication’s social media policies. They don’t leave too many options for what is actually allowed to take place on social networks. This is an issue that never really seems to go away, and is brought up every time a publication’s social media policies are discovered.

Rumor: Google Working On New News Delivery Service
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Sharon Waxman formerly of the New York Times and the Washington Post, and now writing for the Wrap says that she went to a party at Arianna Huffington’s mansion and spoke with Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Far from the idle chit chat about the weather, she claims that Schmidt told her about Google’s plan to roll out a system in six months that would bring "high-quality news content" to users without them actually looking for it.

Washington Post Launches Political Database
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The Washington Post has launched a new site called WhoRunsGov.com that consists of comprehensive profiles of people in politics and the government.

Currently the site is focused on people involved in the government and politics on a national level but plans are in the works to expand it to include state officials, experts at think tanks and interest groups.

Washington Post Predicts Interactive Success

Silly name, but predictably intriguing, Predictify has made its way onto several major newspapers’ and blogs’ radar, and now onto their webpages. Washingtonpost.com is the latest to partner with the crowd-sourcing prediction platform, joining up with the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and ReadWriteWeb, among others.

Paid Ads In Google’s “Search-within-Search” Feature Are Gone

Instead of garnering appreciation, Google’s ‘Search within Search’ feature came under intense criticism since the day of its launch.

Old Media, Time To Find The Missing Link
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There is an inherent competitiveness within the media industry, and any given entity goes about its business as though parallel organizations don’t exist – and throwing the competition a hyperlink is tantamount to endorsement. After all, if you sell shoes, you wouldn’t willingly direct customers to another shoe store, would you?

Washingtonpost.com Launches FactChecker

The washingtonpost.com has introduced the "FactChecker," an interactive feature that will be part pf the Post’s coverage of the 2008 presidential election on both the washingpost.com and in the newspaper.

Google, Washington Post Renew Ad Deal
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Washington.Newsweek Interactive and Google announced today that they have renewed their agreement to deliver contextual ads and Google Web Search functionality to washingtonpost.com’s Web pages.

Ad-Tech: ‘Content is King! (Again?)’ Keynote

Yesterday morning I attended the ad:tech 2007 keynote panel session entitled "Content is King!