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Ke$ha Goes On Spirit Quest, Has Sex With Ghosts

Ke$ha is the girl who was probably voted “most unique” in her high school superlatives because she was so “weird” and “edgy”. In pop music, those things translate into musical gold when done right, and after talking about her new album recently, it seems she’s gathered up all her weirdness and thrown it into one big pot. “There are so …

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Lionsgate Using Twitter To Push Labor Day Weekend Preview of Warrior

Lionsgate is testing Twitter. The movie studio wants to see if a 140 characters or less can help sell movie tickets for their fight film Warrior. The film, which is set to open nationwide on September 9th, will have a Labor Day weekend preview on September 4th at 7 p.m. In an attempt to drum up moviegoers, Lionsgate created the …

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