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Facebook Fights ‘Unprecedented’ Data Grab

Facebook says that they are currently fighting a “set of sweeping search warrants” in an effort to protect their users’ information – and so far it’s a fight that they’ve been losing. “Since last summer, we’ve been fighting hard against a set of sweeping search warrants issued by a court in New York that demanded we turn over nearly all …

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Infant Found Alive in a Tote Bag 250 Miles Away From Home

An Iowa police chief found a 6-day-old baby boy Friday who was abducted Thursday morning from his cradle in a Wisconsin home. Kayden Powell was found 250 miles away from home outside a gas station in West Branch, Iowa. Forty police officers were dispatched to a 911 call in search of the infant. FBI agent G.B. Jones reported that the baby’s cries …

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Will Congress Finally Pass An Email Privacy Bill This Year?

An updated Electronic Communications Privacy Act, or ECPA, was a good idea proposed at the wrong time. The amendment would have protected our privacy in online communications, but its proposal at the end of the last Congress ensured its demise. With a new Congress comes a new chance to pass it, and some lawmakers are taking that chance. The Hill …

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Google Outlines What It’s Doing To Protect Your Data From The Government

With today being Data Privacy Day, Google took to several of its blogs to outline three initiatives it says it is focused on, related to privacy as it pertains to protection of consumers’ information and government requests. The company will continue to advocate for the updating of privacy laws, it will continue its curent process for handling government rquests, and …

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Judge: Your Tweets Aren’t Yours, And Even Your Deleted Tweets Can Be Obtained Without A Warrant

“While the Fourth Amendment provides protection for our physical homes, we do not have a physical “home” on the Internet.” That’s the crux of a decision from New York Criminal Court judge Matthew Sciarrino Jr. Not only that, but when you tweet, you’re giving Twitter the right to distribute all of you information however they please. For that reason, prosectors …

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