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Walmart Glitch Makes Early Christmas

Walmart’s website contained a lucky glitch for some online customers who wound up scoring huge deals, the kinds of deals only found in a buyer’s dream and a seller’s nightmare. The glitch affected some of the pricier items, such as those found in the electronics department. There were items that are normally priced at hundreds of dollars listed as being …

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Walmart’s Pay with Cash Online Payment Solution Ignites Consumer Spending

Walmart recently introduced a “pay with cash” option for all of its online shoppers. It’s really simple. Load up your online shopping cart, get the total, go to Walmart, pay the balance in cash, then, your stuff will arrive in the mail shortly (or you can pick it up at the store). In the eight weeks since its launch, “pay …

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Walmart Recognizes Mobile as the Future of E-Commerce

As the popularity of smartphones and tablet computers continues to increase, more and more customers are taking advantage of mobile devices to access online shopping and promotions. Last year alone, U.S. consumers spend almost $200 billion online. Walmart is no exception to the increasing mobile shopping trend. In fact, Walmart is going out of their way to make e-commerce and …

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Walmart Launches Online Video Game Store

Walmart has launched a new online video game store called Gamecenter, which the company describes as a one-stop destination for video game previews, first look exclusives and special savings.

To promote the launch of the site, is offering a $50 eGift Card to people that preorder three or more new titles, including "Medal of Honor," "Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood," and "Fallout: New Vegas." Walmart said all videos games ordered can be shipped for 97 cents each.

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