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McDonald’s Employees Sue, Claim Wage Theft

According to the Chicago Tribune, there have been seven class-action lawsuits filed by McDonald’s restaurant employees recently. The suits charge McDonald’s with systematically stealing wages from employees in a variety of ways. Some of the plaintiffs said that the burger chain did not pay overtime as they were required to do. Others said they were forced to do work “off …

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Study: An Active Sex Life Increases Your Wages

The news is in, folks: gettin’ lucky increases your lifespan. A study published by the Institute for the Study of Labor in Germany has concluded that people who have sex four or more times a week earned more money than their asexual brethren. Nick Drydakis, the study author and an economics lecturer at Angila Ruskin University in Cambridge, told CBS …

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Foxconn May Increase Wages

It was recently reported that Apple Inc. has teamed up with Foxconn, the Chinese supplier of iPhone and iPad devices, to improve the labor conditions in its manufacturing facilities. Foxconn is also investing $210 million into building a new production line in Huai’an City, China. Foxconn plants, known for various questionable practices including employing underage workers, and underpaying and likewise …

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Foxconn Promises More Wages, Less Hours

Foxconn, the main manufacturer of electronics for Apple, has promised to reduce working hours and increase wages across its factories in China, the New York Times is reporting. The changes come after inspections from the Fair Labor Association discovered poor working conditions and numerous violations of Chinese law within the factories. Foxconn was found to have employees working more than …

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