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Netflix Bests Apple as the Top Online Movie Service in 2011

Although you probably wouldn’t have guessed as much from the countless fumbles and mistakes the company made last year, Netflix somehow managed to overpower Apple as the top online movie service in 2011. Market share for the company grew from a measly 1 percent in 2010 to a staggering 44 percent in 2011. Apple, meanwhile, saw its market share drop …

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Walmart to Launch Goodies Online Sampling Program

If you like to shop for snacks and food products online, Walmart may have a great solution for you that will allow you to sample artisan food products and exotic treats which may not be made available to you at a reasonable price elsewhere. They are calling the tentative service, Goodies, and, as with many specialty services, it comes with …

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Walmart VUDU Spreads Internationally

Walmart is planning to send their VUDU streaming video service international with Mexico being the first country outside the United States to receive the service. Mexico can look forward to the service as early as June with over 30 countries in Latin America to follow. Expansion into Europe and Asia is planned for the latter half of 2012. Edward Lichty, …

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Walmart Introduces DVD Digital Conversion Service

Walmart has done it again, they are introducing another innovative service that is well within consumers budgets. This time they are using their VUDU streaming video service to allow customers to transfer their old DVD and Blu-ray movie collection into rights to an online streaming version for a very low cost. Just $2 for regular DVD’s and $5 for Blu-ray. …

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Walmart Gives Consumers Another Reason To Use Internet For Movies

Hollywood is happy today thanks to the big smiling face and sizable weight of Walmart. The top retailer in the United States announced today that on April 16th, at 3,500 of its retail locations, the super, mega, mega, super (well you get the idea) chain will be offering customers the option to use their internet streaming site, Vudu, to store …

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