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Google Voice Looking to Other Service Providers Google Voice Looking to Other Service Providers

Android users on Sprint have been able to integrate Google Voice into their service for about a year now. Sprint partnered with Google last year bringing Sprint users online visual voicemail, custom greetings, free text messaging, lower priced international calls …

You Don’t Need a Google Number to Use Google Voice
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Google has announced that Google Voice users can now use existing mobile phone numbers. This means that even if you don’t get a new Google number, you can still get Google Voicemail.

Google Voice Is The Voicemail For The Internet

Google just announced a new service called Google Voice (click here for Mashable’s story).  According to Mashable:

Google Launches Preview of Google Voice
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Google has launched a preview of Google Voice, which is an application that lets you manage voice communications by converting voicemails to text. Google Voice is the new version of GrandCentral, which Google acquired back in 2007. For now, GrandCentral users are the only ones that get Google Voice.