Virtual Kidnapping Scam Targets U.S. Immigrants

Virtual Kidnapping Scam Targets U.S. Immigrants

By Shannon Walsh November 10, 2013

On Thursday, November 7, 2013, four individuals were arrested in connection with a virtual kidnapping scam. The scam targeted immigrants in the United States, specifically in areas surrounding Washington, D.C., due to the significant number of immigrants located there, who …

Lesson Of The Day: Don’t Tweet About Hating A Job You’re Trying To Get

It’s still hard to believe that there are people today that do not realize that we live in a radically transparent world where virtually nothing is private.

One such person apparently Tweeted herself out of a nice job at Cisco with this tweet:

Feedback for the Virtual Earth Team

The Virtual Earth team wants our feedback.

Wonderful. Kudos to any company that wants its customers’ feedback and offers a participatory approach. So, here’s my feedback…

Microsoft added a LOT of whizbang features to its maps.live.com maps (3D, lots of photos, and such) but they didn’t focus on the basics.

Shoppers Prefer the Virtual Hight Street
It is estimated Britons will spend more than £66 million online this Christmas buying a third of all their presents, according to news reports.

China’s Massive Virtual District Discussed

We’re not even positive of its name, but without a doubt, this will be big; China is making an 80-square-kilometer space into the home of nine huge virtual worlds.

Retailer Adds Virtual Shopping Option

Online shoppers looking for a new experience can now visit a virtual 3-dimensional store.

Paypal Unveils Virtual Credit Card

PayPal has partnered with MasterCard to release the PayPal Secure Card. It’s a virtual credit card that generates a unique credit card number for each online transaction. Nothing new here, except as of tomorrow you can download software so you can easily use the service on any site, regardless if they accept Paypal or not. PayPal has been testing the feature with 3 million of its customers this past year.

Trade Shows Going Virtual

Companies like IBM, Cisco, and others are taking their trade shows and conferences virtual. Some, like IBM have used the virtual world Second Life for such events, but virtual trade shows take it a step further. Also, the events are more professional and created for a business environment – there are no actual avatars. However, you can upload a picture, chat with booth representatives, and attend sessions.

Virtual Furniture Thief Arrested

 The question of who has metaphysical jurisdiction in virtual worlds is not one so carefully addressed in Amsterdam as police have arrested a virtual criminal. In the Netherlands, at least, theft is theft and has real-world consequences.

Who Has ‘Metaphysical Jurisdiction’ In Second Life?
· 1

 Before the end of this sentence you will have to make a choice between the blue pill and the red pill, for as soon as we step over the period we will enter an alternate reality and it will not be easy. Lawyers are looking into virtual worlds like Second Life, studying whether the environment is suitable for regulation and asking who has "metaphysical jurisdiction."

Microsoft Virtual Earth Gets 3D Modeling System

Thanks to the release of a new 3D modeling system, Microsoft Virtual Earth is a step closer to achieving parity with its main rival, Google Earth.  Google Warehouse, meet 3DVIA.

Chinese Virtual Economy A Threat To Middleman

The Middleman may never be terminated, but he is cruisin’ for a bruisin’ in the digital age. The latest assault will come, surprisingly, from China, as the government unveils plans to produce a 3D virtual world that allows consumers to order directly from the manufacturer.

Are Virtual Worlds Now Passe?

There are plenty of virtual worlds around and as proof one can point to the second Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo, which begins today in San Jose and runs through tomorrow.

E-Tailers Enhance User Experience

I read a great article from RarePlay.com last week titled: "Searching For A Perfect Fit" which talks about online clothing retailers offering virtual fitting rooms to further entice visitors to remain on the site and potentially purchase a product.

PR battleground “social networks”

With social networks like Facebook and MySpace in the news a great deal, I find it interesting to get a sense of the depth of behind-the-scenes business planning going on and the role of PR in that planning.

According to BrandRepublic:

Google Earth Won’t Get Virtual London

I’ve seen it: an amazing 3D model of London that was meant to wind up in Google Earth.  Only now, due to what I’ll politely call “bureaucratic nonsense,” it won’t.

Sears Launches Shopping Site For Tweens

Sears has launched a virtual shopping site that is aimed at tweens.