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Hokie Stone Helmets Receive a lot of Criticism
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Boise State has their blue turf. Oregon is known for their unique, if sometimes wacky, uniforms. And now the Virginia Tech Hokies will be known for being the first college football team to sport stone helmets: Those helmets give new …

This Robot Jellyfish Will One Day Patrol Our Oceans This Robot Jellyfish Will One Day Patrol Our Oceans

Scientists have a fascination with taking animals, turning them into robots and making them far more terrifying. DARPA has been doing this for years, and Virginia Tech is joining the movement: Virginia Tech College of Engineering researchers have unveiled a …

Virginia Tech Gets A 3D Printer Vending Machine Virginia Tech Gets A 3D Printer Vending Machine

Futurists often depict a world where anything and everything can be immediately obtained from easy to use machines. It’s as simple as a machine beaming in particles and rearranging them into a physical object that one can interact with. It …

Robotic Jellyfish Swims With ‘Smart Material’ Bell

A robotic jellyfish dubbed “Robojelly” was created by a team of researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas and Virginia Tech. The robot runs on hydrogen, and so might theoretically run forever in an underwater environment. The study, which …

Virginia Tech Verdict Gives Peace To Families Of Slain

A verdict reached by a jury yesterday in a wrongful death case against Virginia Tech has awarded two victims’ families four million dollars each, but the money is not what matters, say the parents. Jurors sided with the Peterson and …

Online Publication Learns Lesson About Off-Handed Video Game Comments
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The recent Virginia Tech shooting, where a campus police officer was shot and killed after conducting a traffic stop, has once again turned the nation’s attention to Blacksburg, Virginia. The police officer, Deriek Crouse, was murdered by Ross Truett Ashley …

Virginia Tech Tragedy Spurred Online News Boost

People searching for information and an understanding of the events surrounding the shootings on Virginia Tech’s campus hit online news sites in droves.

Tablet PCs A Must-Buy For Hokie Engineers
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Incoming freshman to Virginia Tech’s College of Engineering have to pickup a pricey item before starting classes – a tablet PC.