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Pure Nostalgia: The 1996 Toys ‘R’ Us Holiday Catalog Pure Nostalgia: The 1996 Toys ‘R’ Us Holiday Catalog
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It’s a bit glorious and immensely nostalgic to witness remnants of the past, looking at relics that once were stationed on our living room rugs – memories of which our youth embellished all products marketed towards us; it was part …

Video Games Seniors Study: Can Help Brain Function Video Games Seniors Study: Can Help Brain Function

A recent CBS news story could change your life… through video games! Researchers working out of UC San Francisco are claiming that they have developed a video game that can reverse the negative effects of aging on the brain and …

L.A. Noire Gag Reel Shows the Lighter Side of Detective Work

L.A. Noire, Rockstar’s detective work simulation game, might not have set the world on fire, but it did impress critics and fans with its ambition. Instead of animating characters to match the dialogue, Rockstar used a special motion capture technique …

Amazon Launches Used Video Game Trade-In Program

Amazon.com has announced it will allow customers to trade-in used videogames for credit on its site, a move that will challenge game retailer GameStop.

The company has launched Amazon Video Games Trade-In in beta. "Our video game trade-in process is easy. Go to www.amazon.com/tradeingames and discover games that you want to trade among hundreds of titles," the Amazon Game Room’s Blog states.

Men Game With Friends, Women Game Alone

Guys are much more likely to form friendships with strangers they meet in online gaming than women, who prefer to solo game instead.

FTC Cracking Down On Videogame Stores

Sales of M-rated titles to minors happened more frequently at local and regional videogame retailers than national chains.