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Vine Is Now a True Video Discovery Website Vine Is Now a True Video Discovery Website

Today, with the launch of their new vine.co web experience, the Twitter-owned six-second video app has finally become a fully realized video-sharing website. Vine launched its web presence back in January, but it was stripped down and in no way …

Microsoft’s Soapbox Headed For The Wastebin

It looks like Microsoft may be narrowing its focus in the field of video-sharing.  MSN Video will live on, but Soapbox is bound for the trashcan.

Soapbox was often referred to as a YouTube clone with stricter views on copyright.  It was responsible for only a small percentage of Microsoft’s overall video streams, and of course even that total doesn’t compare favorably to the numbers posted by sites like YouTube, MySpace, and Hulu.

Best Buy Launches Paid Video Service

Best Buy has launched an online video sharing service that lets users store and share home movies on the Web.

Sohu Will Soon Share Videos

Sohu’s getting into video sharing; new reports indicate that “China’s premier online brand” will launch a service within the next week.  This should nicely round out Sohu’s current crop of products.

Pundits Want Presidential Debates On YouTube
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Some of the most influential pundits on both sides of the political stage are petitioning the Republican and Democratic National Conventions (RNC and DNC) to ensure all Presidential debate video be licensed under Creative Commons, making it legal to share debate video footage online.

Users Spent 1740 Years At MySpace In March?
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Google’s not perfect. The company had a chance to acquire MySpace months before News Corp., at half the price. Rupert Murdoch called it arrogance that they didn’t, and he was probably right. If you add the time spent on MySpace by users in March, it would equal 1740 years, according to Racepoint Group.