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Net Neutrality, Now With Less Spin

Have the telecoms and cable companies just abandoned the Net Neutrality fight altogether? It used to be they staged aggressive rhetoric battles, created questionable studies, and pretended to honor Net Neutrality on their own – without legislation.

A Neutral Net Will Save The Watchdogs

Something is starkly wrong when diametrically opposed ideologues join hands in public to protest something else. That something wrong, in a nutshell: the government and communications companies working in concert to erode the freedoms that made our country great.

Google Challenges Verizon On Open Access

Verizon has been lobbying for changes to the 700MHz wireless auction that would remove an open access requirement permitting subscribers to use any handset they like with that spectrum.

Verizon Claims it’s got an “iPhone Killer”

Reuters reports on a new iPhone killer (Verizon’s claim, not mine) that’s coming soon from Verizon. Sounds great. Can’t wait to try it. I doubt people will wait in line, but who knows?

Ahh, maybe this is why Steve Jobs lowered the price to $399 for the iPhone. Now that seems like an even more brilliant move.

Some things I’d like to see here:

iPhone – Turning Off Fans

No company in modern corporate history has developed a more cultlike, devoted customer base than Apple. I’ve often cited them as an example of what other firms strive for, or should strive for, in bonding with their customers.

(Woops) Telecoms Help Make Case For Neutral Net
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One of the more parroted talking points against Net Neutrality has been verbalized this way: It’s a solution in search of a problem. Rather snide, really, if you think about it, and is a remark that usually accompanies a brush off to concerns of gatekeeper abuses.

Hong Kong’s Broadband Is How Fast?
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In case you’re still convinced there’s a true open market in broadband space and the handful of companies running it are sufficient competition for each other, consider this: in Hong Kong, you can get a fiber-to-the-home connection 20 times faster than Verizon’s FiOS connection for about the same price.

Marketers Should Be Terrified By This!
A panel of young adults moderated by Guy Kawasaki which should be very interesting to marketers and anyone in the mobile business.

AT&T Tilt vs. Verizon XV6800
· 1

“Release no smartphone before its time” seems to be the slogan of both AT&T and Verizon. My romance with HTC slide-style smartphones began all the way back in March of this year, when I tested the Verizon XV6700.

Google Calls Out Verizon Over Lawsuit

Verizon Wireless has sued to prevent the eventual winner of the 700MHz wireless spectrum from conforming with FCC requirements for open devices and applications.

CBS Mobile To Offer Content On Verizon

CBS Mobile has partnered with Verizon Wireless to bring full-length episodes of the "Late Show with David Letterman" and "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" to V Cast Video starting tomorrow.

Will Google Bid On The Wireless Spectrum?
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Tomorrow, the FCC will vote on rules, proposed by Chairman Kevin Martin, governing the auction of the 700 MHz band of wireless spectrum. Trying its best to persuade the commission to endorse neutrality in the airwaves, similar to what many want to happen with the Internet, Google succeeded in getting at least two of its four wishes granted.

Verizon Partners With Veoh

Internet Television Company Veoh has partnered with Verizon and will offer its own channel on the Verizon Wireless V CAST service.

Vodafone Considers Verizon Takeover?

When you read phrases like "leverage takeover" and "growing group of rebel shareholders" in the financial world, it gets your attention. If the rumor that Vodafone is planning a Verizon buyout, it’ll get everybody’s attention.

Internet Group Argues Open Wireless Networks
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The tension must be palpable in the lobbies of Capitol Hill. Just as Verizon was pleading its closed network case to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, the Open Internet Coalition took a whole band of experts to House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet.

Verizon Tries To Block the Google Block

Verizon Wireless is not happy about the FCC’s draft to set aside the "Google block" of spectrum that will have conditions attached requiring that wireless customers are given more choice in how they access the network.

Verizon Cuts Copper, Installs Incentive To Invest
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A chief argument against Net Neutrality has been that it will remove incentive to invest. Recent moves by Verizon to lock customers into fiber shows that the incentive is most certainly present, and the company will do what is necessary to muscle the future into being.

Local Search Patent Holder Threatens Everybody

Verizon is first on a London-based company’s list of lawsuits to file (or licensing agreements to be extracted) after winning the rights to a 1999 patent for location-based search. Next up: any online service offering local search services.

Not All Goodmail Partners Have A Whitelist
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Goodmail Systems announced last week that four major Internet service providers will be adding CertifiedEmail to their repertoire of email filters. The sweeping partnerships give Goodmail automatic access to some 65 percent of US inboxes.

AT&T, Verizon Oppose Google Over Airwaves

Google’s used to arguing with Microsoft, and the Mountain View-based company has had many dustups with Yahoo.  Now AT&T and Verizon have stepped in, however, and are opposing Google’s plans for the airwaves.

Cingular and Verizon Are Full of It
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You would think that questions about linking to a website, or more specifically, what you’re allowed to say when linking, would have been put to rest. But that’s not true for Cingular or for Verizon Wireless, who think they have a right to control your hyperlink anchor text and where you link on their public sites.

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