GoDaddy: Service Restored For Most Customers

GoDaddy: Service Restored For Most Customers

By Chris Crum September 11, 2012

Update: GoDaddy says service is completely restored, and that the outage was not the result of a hack. Full statement here. On Monday, GoDaddy experienced a major outage, and a a result, many sites went down. Many users and businesses …

VeriSign’s CEO Steps Down

It’s the end of an era at VeriSign – Stratton Sclavos, the company’s CEO, has resigned.  “[T]he leading provider of digital infrastructure for the networked world” will now be managed by William A. Roper, Jr.

Domain Name Prices To Rise (And Keep Rising?)

This won’t cause the end of the world, and it probably won’t even drive anyone out of business, but VeriSign is set to raise domain prices by 7-10%.  More ominous is the possibility that the prices will, from this point on, continue to increase on a yearly basis.  Oh, well – at least the company is being upfront about it.

Adobe, Verisign, FMS and P2P

If you are on the ball when it comes to Flash Video then youre likely to have seen the press release that made the rounds in the last few days.

News Corp Buys VeriSign Subsidiary

News Corp. and VeriSign announced this week their plans to form the world’s largest provider of mobile entertainment. News Corp. will pay approximately $188 million for a controlling interest in VeriSign’s wholly-owned Jamba subsidiary and will combine it with Fox Mobile Entertainment assets.

Verisign and eBay Use VIMN for Mobile SMS

It seems that there are more features, services, websites and applications available on mobile devices every month.

VeriSign Teams With eBay For SMS Alerts

For eBay auction bidders tired of losing out to last-minute snipers whilst running errands (or whatever may pull your attention from the computer), VeriSign and eBay announced an agreement to deliver mobile alerts via SMS from VeriSign’s Intelligent Messaging Network (VIMN).

VeriSign Delivers One Key for the Internet

According to the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft affects roughly 10 million Americans each year.

VeriSign, ICANN Settle Dispute

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the US Dept. of Commerce backed overseer of the Internet has agreed to settle a lawsuit brought on by VeriSign, the governor of all things .com and .net, over ICANN’s interference with VeriSign’s controversial Site Finder.

VeriSign Feeds Moreover $30 Million

After digesting Weblogs.com in a recent transaction, VeriSign acquired newsfeed content provider Moreover, a deal that had been rumored for the past week.

VeriSign Swaps Payment Biz For $370 Million

Once again, eBay has made an acquisition; this time the online auction service has purchased VeriSign’s payment processor business and will merge it with PayPal.

VeriSign Pays $2.3 Million For Weblogs.com

The Weblogs.com site shows a list of currently updated blogs, and allows blog owners to ping others to alert them of new updates.

Rumor: Weblogs.com Sold To Verisign

Latest rumor, as reported on Jason Kottke’s site: Weblogs.com sold to Verisign? Note: this is different than weblogsinc.com, which WAS sold to AOL yesterday.

VeriSign, 3Com In Bug Buying Business

Those companies own iDEFENSE and TippingPoint, two firms that have announced plans to pay security researchers for vulnerabilities they find.

VeriSign Forks Out $40 Million for iDEFENSE

VeriSign announced that it has acquired Reston, Virginia-based security intelligence firm iDEFENSE for approximately $40 million in cash.

VeriSign Opening Center In India

Bangalore’s job market continues to enjoy growth as another American technology company expands its presence.

VeriSign Faces Competition For .net

The world’s third largest registry is up for grabs as VeriSign’s rights to .net are set to expire on June 30, 2005.