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Former Googler Talks About Google’s Changes And Controversies

Vanessa Fox is always good for an interesting conversation about Google. Considering she used to work there, created Webmaster Central, and wrote the book Marketing In The Age of Google, it makes sense. What has been the most controversial thing Google has done this year in your opinion? Let us know in the comments. We recently caught up with Fox, …

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What Google’s Synonym Treatment Means For Businesses

Google is getting better at understanding synonyms, and that is part of the search engine’s decreasing dependence on keywords for returning results. What does this mean for businesses trying get in front of Google searchers? That’s a question that could keep site owners relying primarily on Google for traffic up at night as Google progresses in this area. The good …

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New Google Changes: Really A Matter Of Mom And Pop?

In a recent webmaster Q&A session at SXSW, Google’s Matt Cutts briefly discussed some changes Google is making that will “level the playing field” between smaller, mom and pop sites and “overly optimized” sites, as bigger companies have a lot more money to spend on SEO. Former Googler Vanessa Fox, who happens to be the creator of Webmaster Central, wrote …

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Google Webmaster Central Creator Talks Google’s “New” Google Changes

Perhaps “anti-SEO” is a little strong, but as previously reported, Google is working on making SEO matter less. At a recent SXSW session, Google’s Matt Cutts discussed (without a lot of details) some changes Google is going to be making to “level the playing field” for mom and pops, in terms of how sites can gain visibility in search. ‚ÄúNormally, …

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