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PS4 Interface Previewed in Leaked Video

Though Microsoft began promoting its Kinect-controlled user interface as soon as the Xbox One was announced three weeks ago, Sony has remained coy about what gamers will see when they turn on their PlayStation 4’s. Now, a new video has made its way onto the web that shows Sony’s vision of a next-generation console experience. The video’s quality is not …

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Will Google’s Navigation Interface Look Like This Soon?

Google is testing yet another redesign of its navigation interface. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that Google launched the current navigation interface, but that doesn’t mean they’re not exploring other options. Alex Chitu at Google Operating System was tipped on a new test Google is running, which includes a more visual style for accessing various Google services. He …

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Do You Like The Google Experience Better This Way?

If you’re not a fan of the black bar that appears at the top of the page when you use Google, there’s a trick to getting rid of it. Techno-net posted the following video showing it off (hat tip Barry Schwartz): To use Google without the bar, you can simply add ?esrch=Agad::Public to the end of the URL. For instance, …

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Bing Image Search Update Makes Sure You Never Leave Unsatisfied

Yesterday when I was looking for images of Kenny Chesney on Bing Image search, I noticed that something looked a little different. For one, it seemed like my browser page was a lot fuller than I remembered it being when I searched for photoshop fodder on Bing. I also didn’t remember bigger previews of the images following my mouse cursor …

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Nokia Windows Phone UI Redesign Concept

When the Nokia and Microsoft partnership was announced last year, Nokia was given special rights to modify the Windows Phone user interface. Below are some samples of a complete redesign possibly being developed by Nokia, submitted by a former employee: The designer of this particular user interface concept no longer works for Nokia, but it is unlikely that she would …

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Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Getting More Visual With Updates

Developers take note – Microsoft is introducing some big changes to Visual Studio 11 that will hopefully make your job easier. On the Visual Studio blog yesterday, Monty Hammontree, Director of User Experience in the Microsoft Developer Tools Division, laid out the changes the team is making to Visual Studio 11. The changes are focused on increasing efficiency of the …

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