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Are Game Prices Going To Go Up This Year?

In 2005, Microsoft ushered us into an age where video games cost $60. Initially, we complained as games were only $50 on the PS2, Xbox and Gamecube. Eight years later and we’re now complacent with the new price of games. Will that complacency give in to publishers asking for even more money with next-generation games? Kotaku reports that Microsoft has …

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E3 2013: Sony Shows Us How To Rub Salt In A Wound

Microsoft will be adding some restrictive used games DRM into the Xbox One. On the other hand, Sony will not. In classic fanboy fashion, PlayStation fans are using this to berate Xbox fans. Now, Sony could have taken the high ground. It could have just said its piece and carried on. Instead, Sony released an instructional video for used games …

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Used Xbox One Games Will Be Sold At Retail, Publishers Get A Cut This Time Around [Report]

After Tuesday’s Xbox One reveal, reports came forward that Microsoft would block used games, or at least charge those playing used games a fee. Microsoft finally came out with an official statement that didn’t clear much up, but a report out today offers more details. MCV reports that Microsoft will be taking command of the pre-owned market with a system …

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Major Nelson: You Can Play Used Games On The Xbox One

Major Nelson (Larry Hryb) is the public figurehead of Xbox. If he says it’s true, you better believe it. That’s why it’s a relief to finally have him chime in on the confusion surrounding used games on the recently announced Xbox One. In an update on the official Major Nelson blog, Hryb confirms that the Xbox One will be able …

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Xbox One Will Kind Of Block Used Games

The Xbox One is the official name of Microsoft’s next-generation games console. While it may do more than just play games, gamers are still curious about certain rumors that have been floating around about the new console. Will it play used games? Will it require an always online Internet connection? Microsoft finally answered those questions today… kind of. The Xbox …

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California GameStops Must Issue DLC Warnings On Used Games

The gaming industry and consumer have been at odds for a while now. The gaming industry is locked out of used game revenue that gamers rely upon to save money while GameStop rakes in the dough. To combat this, publishers have recently been putting an online pass in their games that give games free DLC or online multiplayer if the …

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