US Patent and Trademark Office Articles

Washington Redskins Lose Trademark Rights

In a move that will have white grandfathers in middle America riled up for days, the US Patent and Trademark Office has denied the Redskins federal trademark protections. This decision came after a hearing by the Trademark Trial and Appeal …

Sony Filed a Patent for In-Game Commercials

There is a lot of current experimentation when it comes to video game revenue models. Publishers and developers are adding disc-locked content, day-one downloadable content (DLC), and overpriced collector’s editions everywhere you look. Mobile games and MMO‘s alike are free-to-play, …

Valve, Blizzard Bury The Hatchet Over DOTA

The original Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) was a mod of Warcraft III, a Blizzard game, and other variants and DOTA projects have, for the most part, centered around Blizzard products. Blizzard didn’t cry foul when Valve hired DOTA’s lead …

USPTO Wiki-fies Patents, Pooh-poohs P2P
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The US Patent and Trademark Office is swamped, so they’re going the Digg.com route. Embarking on a patent review pilot project that will allow the online public to comment on patent applications, the USPTO is hoping the experts of the world will share the load.

The USPTO is not, however, that keen on P2P.