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Marines Sleeves Up: Longtime Fashion Returns

A number of Marines are sighing in relief as they say goodbye to an unpopular policy over uniform sleeves. First Sgt. Shawn Wright, a drill instructor and career Marine, said, “That’s what separated us from every other branch, our sleeves.” The policy first appeared in 2007 when then-Commandant Gen. James Conway announced that Marines could only roll the sleeves up …

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Japanese Troops Being Trained in California

Members of the Japan‘s Self-Defense Force this week are training on the southern coast of California. According to an Associated Press report, the troops are being trained for the next two weeks by U.S. Marines. The training will specifically train Japanese troops in amphibious assault tactics. The U.S. Department of Defense claims the exercises will help Japan and the U.S. …

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Obama Forgot to Salute, Apologized to Soldier

President Barack Obama has certainly had a lot on his mind recently. House Republicans have recently been holding hearings on the Benghazi attacks, while two new scandals have rocked the current administration. One involves the IRS targeting new tax-exempt Tea Party-affiliated groups for additional scrutiny, while the other involves the Justice Department’s seizure of journalist’s phone records as part of …

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DARPA To Fortify Military’s Phones And Tablets

Security in the military is getting harder and harder to maintain in this day and age with the advent of smart phones and tablets that can go just about anywhere and do just about anything. With the Chinese cyber security threat becoming more prevalent every day, the need for a sandbox style operating system for the soldiers in the field …

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Facebook Starts Suicide Prevention For Veterans

Courtesy of good.is In the light of increasing suicides by veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, Facebook today announced new military crisis content, developed in partnership with Blue Star Families and the Department of Veterans Affairs. . Because Facebook is so widely used, it is in the unique position to help Veterans. A survey conducted by Blue Star Families found …

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First F-35 For The Netherlands Rolls Off The Line

The Joint Strike Fighter has had a rather tumultuous journey from the start. It was an undertaking by the United States, The United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Norway, Turkey, Israel, and Japan to make a stealthy aircraft that could perform a series of events to replace aging land and carrier based aircraft. The counties all had certain requirements that …

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