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New $100 Bill, Counterfeit-Proof?

Are you ready to get your hands on the new $100 bill? If so, you’re not alone. The $100 bill is the second most common bill only behind the $1 bill. So, it should come as no surprise that the public is anxiously waiting for the release of the newly upgraded $100 bill. The new $100 bills were originally intended …

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Vimeo Introduces New Features For Its On Demand Service

Vimeo’s On Demand service is an exceptional place to discover new independent movies that circumvent the traditional movie-making/distribution process. The service does a fine job showcasing its independent content, but more than that, the goal is to give filmmakers a platform to display and monetize their creations. From the On Demand about page: Vimeo On Demand is an open self-distribution …

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VLC Player Upgrades To The Twoflower Version

The video player of choice — well, at least it should be for any web savvy individual — VLC, is famous for its ability to overcome most file format hurdles during its playback process, has been updated to the 2.0 level. Introducing “Twoflower,” the next step in the evolution of VLC’s fantastically robust media player. The changes in the current …

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Pinterest Making Improvements

Tuesday evening, Pinterest rolled out some changes to its very popular website. In the past, when you clicked on a pin, you were taken to a new page to view that pin. To go back to where you were to continue browsing, you had to use the Back button. That landed you back at the top of what could be …

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