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CU-Boulder Fines Rapist $75, Makes Him Write Essay

The University of Colorado at Boulder is facing a Title IX investigation for allegedly mishandling a sexual assault case. Having found a student guilty of “non-consensual sexual intercourse,” the university suspended him for eight months (though they gave him a month to get off campus), made him write a 5-7 page paper reflecting on the incident, and charged him $75. …

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NSA Recruiting Fiasco at U. Wisconsin

Last Tuesday, the NSA conducted a recruitment drive on the campus of the University of Wisconsin. Madiha Tahir, a journalist taking a language course at the university, stopped by to ask some uncomfortable questions. (Note: Tahir has posted a recording of the exchange, as well as a transcript, on her blog, The Mob and the Multitude.) “Do you consider Germany …

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Facebook Does Not Make Students Get Bad Grades

I remember my professors telling me that I shouldn’t be on Facebook during class because it would hurt my grades. It turns out there was no such danger. That’s a bit too broad of a statement, but as this handy infographic shows, the use of Facebook in the classroom doesn’t harm grades that much. In fact, a high school GPA …

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Twitter Alternative To Raising Hands For Shy Students

Twitter was always considered a distraction when I was in school, now it might be a teacher aide. The Courier Mail in Australia is reporting that new research from Southern Cross University has found strong benefits for the use of Twitter in the classroom by shy students who might not be comfortable raising their hands. Southern Cross business lecturer Jeremy …

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