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BusinessWeek Misses the Point on UGC

BusinessWeek magazine has a piece about user-generated content and how it’s old and busted now — people really want professional content, apparently.

Microsoft, Viacom Posture On Content Sharing
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The newly announced User Generated Content Principles, backed by several media companies, exhorts websites to filter content while paying lip service to fair use.

Social Networking & UGC in Today’s Media Environment

From the Playboy perspective with Christie Hefner – that true brands represent attitude and a point of view, that can be moved from one product to another. It can play in different spaces.

Social Media: You Built it; Now What?
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Web developers and designers for huge companies and niche sites alike are all jumping on the social media bandwagon, realizing that social networking, user-generated content, video-sharing and Widgets are more than just ways to kill time in the office; they can be incredibly effective in growing and increasing audience engagement.

YouTube On P2P? Watch Out For Falling Lawyers

These guys seem to be on to something – probably the reason Tribler racked up about $8 million in funding on the other side of the Pond.

ComScore: 18-34 Males Receptive To UGC Ads

The always-desired marketing demographic of males aged 18-34 is pretty open to advertising on user-generated content sites.

Missing From the UGC Viability Discourse

In this wave of the Internet economy, investors are self-consciously considering investing in plays that depend on "user-generated content." In the past, Internet investments were more haphazard. Today’s discourse is much more sophisticated.

So naturally, in discussions of the viability of burgeoning online communities, a big question is: why would anyone contribute? Why would you upload a video? Why would you write a product review?

Yahoo On UGC Train To Taiwan

Yahoo! announced two major deals this week to expand its Web 2.0 offerings Taiwan. Shortly after Yahoo! Taiwan acquired user-generated-content site Wretch.cc, the company announced an agreement with GigaMedia to cross-promote online game site FunTown.