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iPad Gets Canadian Man Through U.S. Customs iPad Gets Canadian Man Through U.S. Customs

The iPad has been used for all sorts of interesting and crazy things, but this one stretches credulity. According to the Winnipeg Free Press, Martin Reisch was driving into the US from Canada. About half an hour from the border, …

Agents Can Search And Seize Laptops At U.S. Border
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U.S. federal officials have disclosed that agents at the U.S. border may seize a traveler’s laptop or other electronic devices with no limits on how long they can hold them and without any suspicion of wrongdoing.

The Department of Homeland Security recently disclosed the new policies that allow agents to search a laptop’s contents and share the information with other agencies and private organizations for language translation, data decryption or other reasons.

YouTube Records Snatched By U.S. Customs

Negative publicity continues to befall YouTube, first stemming from the billion dollar copyright infringement suit filed by Viacom, and now from reports that the popular video sharing service is being used as a vehicle to communicate death threats from vengeful criminals.

There are several creative directions you could pursue when taking advantage of YouTube’s video e-mail service. You can give that old friend of yours a personalized birthday message, recite a love poem for that special someone, or just act goofy to give a pal of yours a much-needed laugh.