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Jim Carrey’s Ex, Jenny McCarthy, Addresses Shia LaBeouf Insults
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The Internet death rumors that were made about Jim Carrey on Tuesday were suspected to stem from Shia LaBeouf’s comment on Twitter Monday. The feud between the two all started at the Golden Globe Awards. Carrey made a playful reference …

Amanda Bynes: Miley Cyrus Responds to “Ugly” Tweet
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Amanda Bynes has a thing about calling people ugly. In the past few weeks, the former child star has called everyone from R&B star Drake to her own father “ugly.” This week, Bynes turned her ire toward pop star Miley …

Somali Insurgents on Twitter Somali Insurgents on Twitter

Al-Shabaab, a Somali terrorist group, is using a Twitter account as a war strategy in their battle against the Kenyan Army. Below is the latest tweet from the HSM Press, the name the group uses in media accounts. @HSMPressHSM Press …