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TweetMeme Just Officially Died

TweetMeme just announced that it is shutting down. If you’ll recall, they were responsible for the original retweet button, but over the years, Twitter effectively rendered the button useless for most sites, as more and more adopted Twitter’s official button. That’s not all the company had to offer though. “TweetMeme was built to curate and rank Twitter links and gained …

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United States No Longer Leader of Retweeted Tweets on Twitter

In what I can only describe as an informal poll of sorts, it appears that the United States is no longer a leader when it comes to Top Tweets on Twitter that are being Retweeted. Take a look at the last seven days of data from Tweetmeme and you will see that the majority of all of the retweets on …

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Twitter Develops Their Own ‘Tweet Button’

It’s no longer a matter of answering the micro riddle, “to tweet or not to tweet.” Twitter helps you simply Tweet everything that moves you.

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Twitter Launches its Official Tweet Button

Twitter has launched its official Tweet button for publishers to place on their content. There are numerous unofficial buttons out there that publishers have been taking advantage of for quite a while, but now there’s one right from the company that counts tweets no matter how they were tweeted.

Actually, Twitter is working with TweetMeme on this one. TweetMeme has been offering probably the most popular version of the tweet button for publishers. Twitter says TweetMeme will be switching over to the official Twitter button anyway.

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