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AOL Extends Publicis Partnership Into Programmatic Video, Linear TV

At Advertising Week in New York City, AOL and Publicis Groupe announced an expansion of their six-year partnership into programmatic video and linear TV advertising. As a result, VivaKi and all agencies inside of Publicis Groupe will gain access to AOL Platforms’ premium reserved (including marketplaces) and non-reserved video environments. Ad Week @PublicisGroupe @AOL_Inc launch global video/ tv deal – …

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Samsung Galaxy S4 TV Ad Hits the Web, is Boring

Nearly a decade ago, Apple proved that advertising was key in getting consumers hooked on their brand. Memorable iPod commercials used color and indie music to create Apple’s new image as the company that sells the best portable electronics. It’s for that reason that following advertising trends in the mobile industry are a bit more interesting than, say, ads for …

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ComScore Report: Surviving the Upfronts in a Cross-Media World

ComeScore just released a report on cross-media advertising and marketing efforts and what the matured state of online video brings to the effectiveness of a well-rounded campaign. The report features many actionable insights for advertisers, agencies and media buyers who are considering incorporating digital video formats into their current media efforts. Judy Bahary, SVP of Marketing Solutions at ComScore comments …

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Nielsen and Google AdWords Study Younger TV Viewers

Google and Nielsen have partnered up to do some research into people’s television watching habits. What they found was that there’s a significant portion of the population who doesn’t spend that much time watching TV. About 31% of people age 18 to 49 spend only an average of 39 minutes per day watching TV. This is significantly less time than …

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