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IBM Completes Trusteer Acquisition IBM Completes Trusteer Acquisition

IBM has completed its acquisition of Trusteer, first announced last month. “The way organizations protect data is quickly evolving,” said Trusteer CEO Mickey Boodaei at the time. “As attacks become more sophisticated, traditional approaches to securing enterprise and mobile data …

IBM To Launch Super Security Lab With Big Trusteer Acquisition IBM To Launch Super Security Lab With Big Trusteer Acquisition

IBM announced on Thursday that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire security company Trusteer. With the news, IBM is launching a cybersecurity software lab in Israel, which it says will bring together over 200 Trusteer and IBM …

Hotel Poachers: Criminals Branch Out From Online Banking Hotel Poachers: Criminals Branch Out From Online Banking

According to a new report from The Inquirer, criminals are capitalizing on hotel point of sale (PoS) applications to “siphon off travellers’ credit card details.” This form of theft is achieved by “using a remote access Trojan program to infect …

Zeus Trojan Arrests Show Cybercriminals Getting More Vulnerable
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Federal and state authorities have reportedly charged over 60 people in connection with a global cybercrime scheme using the Zeus Trojan to steal millions of dollars from U.S. bank accounts. Trusteer, a secure browsing service, which claims to be in use by over 12 million online banking customers and protects over 70 banks, shared some commentary on the news with WebProNews. The company says it has deep visibility into criminal activity and the Zeus trojan. 

Security Firms Respond to “Google Dropping Windows” Report
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Rumor has it that Google is not using Windows internally anymore, and security companies don’t necessarily find this to be a great solution if security is the concern. More than one has emailed WebProNews with reactions to this story.

Stealth Phishing Attack Looks Like Internal Email

Security company Trusteer Research issued a security advisory this week, dealing with a stealth new Zeus/Zbot phishing attack, which is aimed at harvesting enterprise log-in credentials for web banking, financial, HR, and SaaS accounts.

Online Banking Threat Bypassing Up-to-Date Anti-Viruses
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There is an online banking Trojan out there that is bypassing up-to-date anti-virus programs as much as 77% of the time, according to security company Trusteer. The Zeus Trojan is also known as Zbot, WSNPOEM, NTOS and PRG. It is the most prevalent financial malware on the web, Trusteer says.

The Biggest Security Hole on the Web?
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Two weeks ago, Adobe released a critical patch for Flash Player and Acrobat Reader. According to online security company Trusteer, about 80% of users are still vulnerable, and perhaps more startling, the company views this as being possibly the biggest security hole on the Internet today.

That 80% figure is based on Trusteer’s installed base of over 2.5 million online banking users of the company’s security service.

Things You Need to Know About Twitter Security
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There has been more than one story in the news recently about Twitter accounts being hijacked. The most recent examples of note include the accounts of Britney Spears and famed blogger/entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki. These issues have highlighted some potential dangers of using the service, or really social networks in general.