The Latest Mac Virus Is Hilariously Bad

The Latest Mac Virus Is Hilariously Bad

By Zach Walton August 24, 2012

Mac users should become increasingly aware of the threat that malware poses to their machines. Hackers and malicious coders are getting better everyday at breaking into the once thought unbreakable Mac. The Flashback trojan was a sign that Macs are …

New Variant of Flashback Malware Exploits Unpatched Java Vulnerability in Macs New Variant of Flashback Malware Exploits Unpatched Java Vulnerability in Macs

A new variant of the Flashback trojan has appeared, exploiting a Java vulnerability found in Macs. Cyber security firm F-secure announced this discovery via its blog today. Flashback is a trojan that was originally distributed in the guise of erotic …

The Evolution Of The Computer Virus The Evolution Of The Computer Virus

The computer virus, or just malware in general, is unique among computer programs because it evolves just like a real virus. It can change and mutate into stronger viruses that can cripple your computer and make you spend hundreds of …

Anonymous Tricked Into Downloading Trojan Anonymous Tricked Into Downloading Trojan

Anonymous may be most known for their DDoS attacks on company and government Web sites. It turns out, however, that those DDoS attacks may not have been all that safe for the Anon members partcipating. The Symantec blog recently detailed …

Dept. of Homeland Security Is Watching You Twitter & Tweet Dept. of Homeland Security Is Watching You Twitter & Tweet
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If you have a Twitter account, you may have “people” that follow you with what are suspiciously fake accounts. The tell-tale signs are standard: thousands of followers with barely any (if even one) tweets, tweets that contain lots of links …

PETA Supporters Modify Dog Fighting App To Embarrass Its Users PETA Supporters Modify Dog Fighting App To Embarrass Its Users
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Animal rights activists are using a highly controversial Android app to get out their message. Apparently, opponents of the “Dog Wars” app have modified an older version of the app to include a specific trojan code. The malware, which Symantec …

Tremendous Hype Against Google Latitude

Trojan Horse (2)Trojan Horse: GoGap via Flickr

Exploit Attacks Pro-Tibet Site Visitors

Online attacks focused on exploiting renewed controversy over the Tibet situation by delivering malware to visitors of sites favoring Tibetan separatist efforts.

Japanese Police Bust Virus Writer

Police in Kyoto have arrested three men, who were involved in a plot to infect users of the P2P file-sharing network Winny with a Trojan horse that displayed images of anime characters while erasing music and movie files.

The malware called Harada is thought to be connected to the Pirlames Trojan horse which anti-spam firm Sophos reported blocking in Japan last year. The three men have admitted they took part in the crime. One man wrote the malware, while the other two are thought to have distributed the malicious code through Winny.

Details Emerge About eBay Motors Scam
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A Trojan that arrives by email targets potential car buyers at eBay Motors, and attempts to closely imitate a legitimate auction.

Beware Of eBay Motors Scam
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A new threat against visitors to eBay Motors from a Trojan attempts to use a man in the middle attack that seems to do more than just phish a username and password from people.

Mobile Java Under Trojan Assault

Though uses for Java continue to expand, the threats do as well. Kaspersky Labs reported a Trojan called RedBrowser making the rounds, targeting Java capable cell phones. While this Trojan is annoying, it easily stopped.

Mac OS X Security

Mac and Linux users aren’t used to turning on the news and hearing about security threats that affect us.

AdSense Trojan Could Be On The Loose

An Indian web publisher claims a Trojan program that replaces Google ads with a different set of ads has been found in the wild.

Skype Update Actually A Trojan

A fake update to the Skype VoIP client has been circulating via email, and installs an IRC bot on victims’ computers.

Crouching Trojan, Hidden Malware

Trojans are not just more dangerous than computer viruses, they’re stealthier, too. Find out where they hide.

Trojans and Backdoors

The Trojan Horse got its name from the old mythical story about how the Greeks gave their enemy a huge wooden horse as a gift during the war.