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Taylor Swift Being Sued Over Trademark Infringement

On Tuesday, May 20, Blue Sphere, Inc., which owns the clothing line Lucky 13, filed a lawsuit against pop superstar Taylor Swift, claiming trademark infringement. It is no secret that Taylor’s favorite number is her lucky number 13. “I was …

Square Enix Shuts Down Final Fantasy VII Figures From Shapeways

The Shapeways business model is smart one in that it gives people who may normally have it access to 3D printing technology. It also allows these creative types a showcase to sell these creations, essentially positioning itself as something of …

eBay Sued By Shoe Retailer
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Shoe retailer Steve Madden has filed a lawsuit against eBay over the alleged sale of counterfeit watches on the auction site.

The suit was filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan Tuesday, claimed eBay has failed to remove counterfeit watches from the site bearing the Steve Madden brand name. The suit accuses eBay of trademark infringement.

Suing eBay

The Legal Liability of Keyword Metatags?

Nobody really debates too much about keyword metatags anymore. Google and MSN ignore them, Yahoo and Ask don’t, but go stuffing them or you risk search engine penalties. But rarely does anybody bring up the legal liabilities of what’s in your keyword tags.