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Toyota Prius c Gets 50 MPG, Multiple Configurations

The Toyota Prius is one of the best hybrid vehicles on the market today. Going into 2015, Toyota hopes that those who haven’t jumped on the hybrid bandwagon will finally do so with its latest model. Toyota unveiled the Prius c and its many configurations this week. Those looking to buy the hybrid will have their choice of the Prius …

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Toyota Prius Ranked “Best New Car Value” Again

Thinking about buying a new car this holiday season? According to Consumer Reports, the Toyota Prius will give you the best value for your buck. In fact, this is the second year in a row that the eco-friendly hybrid has been ranked as the magazine’s “Best New Car Value.” The Prius runs about $29,230. Consumer Reports liked the performance and …

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Toyota Prius Tops Best-Value List For Second Year

Motorists in the U.S. may have noticed the trend in the past few years of more Toyota Prius vehicles on the road. There’s good reason for this trend above the environmental concerns that so often surround conversations about hybrid vehicles: the Prius simply give customers great value for its price. Consumer Reports this week announced that the Toyota Prius has …

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Toyota Prius: Topless and Hydrogen Concepts

The Toyota Aqua Air concept car was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show recently, and it has set Prius detractors spinning. Car enthusiasts note that the design of the Prius doesn’t exactly blow your hair back, but the topless version of the ultimate hybrid is going to do just that; it’s a convertible! You may also know the Aqua as …

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Tesla Outsells Porsche And Others In California

The state of California has long been considered to be more accepting of green technologies, especially in the realm of automobiles. Jokes about the streets being filled with the hybrid Toyota Prius are well known and made often. It should come as no surprise then that the residents of the state have been buying up cars from Tesla motors in …

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