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Focusing on Buttocks: What You Need to Know About Facebook’s Newest Attempt to Clarify Its Content Rules

What can you post on Facebook and will Facebook remove it? What’s ok and what crosses the line? Where the hell is the line? Facebook has pulled the curtain back – at least a sliver – on its much-maligned content removal process, giving us a more detailed breakdown on each type of controversial content. For example, something like the promotion …

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Star Trek: TOS Gets Final Two Years of Original Mission, Thanks to Fans

Star Trek: The Original Series, as the television show that started it all is called nowadays, had a problem. The show’s iconic intro voiceover proclaimed that the U.S.S. Enterprise has a “five-year mission”, but the show was canceled after only three seasons. Of course, it’s not like Star Trek went the way of Firefly. The TOS cast went on to …

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Pinterest Copyright Policy vs Pinterest Terms

While Pinterest is a great inspiration source for artists, and generally a great place for finding designs and recipes (my wife made a pineapple upside-down cake from a Pinterest recipe just yesterday), the debate over how Pinterest handles its copyright issues have some people up in arms. Recently, Pinterest set up a bit of code that could be put onto …

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