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Facebook Did Not Intentionally Block Tor

Tor has become a tool of free expression in parts of the world where citizens can not speak freely against their government. Many use the anonymous Web network to share information and updates with the rest of the world via social networks like Facebook and Twitter. What happens then when one of those social networks blocks Tor? That very question …

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Tor UK Finds That DRM May Not Be Necessary After All

DRM, or digital rights management, isn’t well-liked among consumers. More often than not, it punishes legitimate consumers while doing nothing to stop piracy. Most legacy content industries still insist that DRM is needed to stop piracy, but is it really needed? Last year, Tor Books UK went completely DRM free. At the time, the publisher said that it was removing …

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Tor Researchers Create OONI To Monitor Censorship

If you are familiar with Tor, you know it to be the anonymous Web utility and browser that allows people to get around censorship and communicate without being spied on. It was essential for communication during the Arab Spring protest movement and many other like minded movements. It’s also used and endorsed by Anonymous for their operations. The researchers behind …

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EFF Releases HTTPS Everywhere Extension For Firefox, Chrome

Like it or not, the internet is changing. We who use the internet have passed into the era of uncertain privacy and questionable surveillance of our online activities. Rather than await the full implications of what the Googles and Facebooks are doing with our private information, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Tor have partnered to not only encourage internet users …

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