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TMobile Brings VoIP To Facebook TMobile Brings VoIP To Facebook
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While the future of TMobile may still be undecided, at least in relation to the AT&T merger, that hasn’t prevented the company from moving forward on various projects. The latest involves bringing free Voice over IP services to Facebook, which …

iPhone vs gPhone: No Competition?
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The iPhone comes out TOMORROW (6/19/2009)! But wait…when is the Google myTouch 3g releasing to public? Hype about the Google phone is virtually nonexistent.  Is it T-Mobile’s marketing ineptitude? Is it some production delay? Have there been bureaucratic pitfalls? We have no idea, but while everyone is foaming at the mouth over the latest iteration of the iPhone, news on it’s Android competition is conspicuously hard to come by.

Gphone Already Sold Out!

It’s been just over a week since T-Mobile premiered the G1, the first cell phone with Google’s Android OS. Although the phone won’t be available for three more weeks, T-Mobile has already sold all of its preorder units.

That’s right, folks. The Gphone is sold out.