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Google On Criteria For Titles In Search Results

Google has talked about titles in search results in multiple videos in the past, but once again takes on the topic in the latest Webmaster Help video. They keep getting questions about it, so why not? In fact, Cutts shares two different questions related to titles in this particular video. “Basically, whenever we try to choose the title or decide …

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Google Emphasizes Brands More In Search Results

Google appears to be taking another step toward emphasizing brands in search results. As pointed out by Gordon Campbell a few days ago, and then again today by Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable, Google is placing brand names at the beginning of titles for links in search results. One example both point to is for York Fitness. As Campbell …

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Are Short Title Tags More Important In Google Now?

Ruth Burr, the lead SEO at SEOmoz put out an interesting article, suggesting that shorter title tags may be more important in Google these days. SEOmoz was finding that some of its posts with longer titles were not displaying the right titles in search results. Rather, Google was returning the keyword-heavy part of the content’s URLs as the titles. Pretty …

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Google Talks About Why It Changes Your TItles In Search Results

Google changes the titles of search results sometimes. This is nothing new, but the company is shedding a bit of light on the process, saying their alternative titles usually improve clickthrough rate. Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Pierre Far writes on the Google Webmaster Central Blog, “Page titles are an important part of our search results: they’re the first line of …

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