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Waffle House Tip: Waitress Finally Receives $1,000 Tip

Waffle House waitress Shaina Brown was stunned when a customer left her a $1,000 tip on his credit card on Mother’s Day. Unfortunately for Brown, the mom to three is just now getting her hands on the cash due to Waffle House’s tipping policy. Brown received a tip totaling $1,500 while working at a Raleigh, North Carolina Waffle House during …

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Kevin Reddy Has a ‘No Tip’ Policy at Noodles & Co.

Are you tired of going to fast food or casual dining restaurants (or other businesses that don’t have waiters who only get paid around $2 per hour) and being expected to leave something in the tip jar next to the register? We often hear of people complaining about being expected to tip in such situations, and sometimes these people say …

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Restaurant Tip Ban: Sushi Servers Go On Salary

One New York City restaurant has chosen to forgo the tip route in favor of giving the customer a better dining experience, and many are pretty happy about it. Sushi Yasuda co-founder Scott Rosenberg says it was a decision that had a lot of thought put into it, and in the end he feels it was a good one. “The …

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