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Malia Obama Wears Affordable Topshop Dress in China

Malia Obama posed for photos in Beijing, China on Friday wearing an affordable Topshop dress. The dress was a short-sleeve floral print mini. One source identified it as the “Crocus Crop Skater Dress” sold for around $138 by British fashion …

Puppy with ‘Lion’s Blood’ Sells for $2M in China

An ancient canine breed called the Tibetan Mastiff has become a status symbol among the affluent of China, and a puppy recently sold for a record-breaking $2 million. The golden-haired dog measuring 31 inches tall was purchased by a property …

Dalai Lama Birthday: Spiritual Leader Says Youth Are Key To ‘Happier Century’

The Dalai Lama celebrated his 78th birthday on Saturday. He didn’t use the event to reflect on his own past, but rather to speak about the future. During his hour long speech, the Dalai Lama called upon the youth of …

China Pleads Innocence For YouTube Outage

Remember all the discussion of China and its approach to the Internet that was heard around the Beijing youtube-logoOlympics? It seems that a lot of that type of coverage has slid into the background until recently. Apparently once Google gets involved these items become news again.

Apple Having iTunes Trouble with China
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Apple is everywhere in the news this week, with its big score on the American Customer Satisfaction Index, its MobileMe problems, its iPhone 3G lawsuit, and now issues with the Chinese government. Apple’s iTunes store has been blocked in China for pushing a controversial benefit album.

Exploit Attacks Pro-Tibet Site Visitors

Online attacks focused on exploiting renewed controversy over the Tibet situation by delivering malware to visitors of sites favoring Tibetan separatist efforts.

China Blocks YouTube Amid Tibet Unrest
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Video sharing site YouTube became unavailable in China as authorities cracked down on protests in neighboring Tibet.