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Ebola Heroin Found in Jersey Drug Bust

Anyone who’s ever watched The Wire knows about heroin branding. Dealers come up with outrageous-sounding names for the product they sell on the streets. It may actually be no different from the stuff around the corner, but if you got some “Death Row” from a guy last weekend, and that stuff proved to be to your liking, you come back …

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Breaking Bad Is the Best Show on TV…According to Guinness

Walter White – the one who knocks, the danger, and the force behind the highest-rated show on TV? In the upcoming 2014 edition of the Guinness World Records, Breaking Bad will have its own entry. It’ll be in there under the record “Highest-Rated TV Series.” So I guess Guinness just settled it – Breaking Bad beats The Wire. Now everybody …

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‘The Sopranos’ Tops Best Written TV Show List

In arguments about the best TV shows of all time, The Sopranos will invariably come up. The show, which follows antihero Tony Soprano as he reconciles his mobster lifestyle with a family and mental health issues, became a huge hit for HBO and spawned the modern era of premium cable dramas. Now, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) has officially …

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“The Wire” Gets Animated…With Legos

The enormously popular HBO show “The Wire”, which takes on different burning topics plaguing the streets of Baltimore with each season, is known for its realistic and gritty portrayal of urban life, which includes stories based on real-life experiences from the writers and their colleagues. So what better way to do an homage to it than with Legos? Joe Nicolosi …

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Omar Comin’ to Broadway: The Wire as a Musical

Forget Game of Thrones. Forget this magnificent season of Mad Men. The pinnacle of modern TV series storytelling has to be HBO’s much-loved show The Wire. And I’m not just saying that as a middle-class white guy who’s never been to Baltimore (the show’s stereotypical fanbase). The Wire was a brilliant show and anyone who has yet to watch it …

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Walking Dead, Dexter, and True Blood Stars Give Out Official Spoiler Rules

Spoilers are an epidemic. Just last week I DVR’d The Walking Dead, with plans to watch it later, to only have it ruined via a Facebook update. I never wanted a dislike button more in my life. Thankfully the good folks over at CollegeHumor have put together a PSA about how to combat spoilers. With the help of some stars …

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