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Obama Is Not Being Asked to Resign Over Beyonce’s Lip-Sync, Put Away Your Twitchy Tweeting Thumbs You Gullible Lot

Come on, guys. Think about something before you go all stage five freakout on Twitter. I know that’s too much to ask, but I’m still going to ask it. Despite what you may have read, a “rising chorus” of Republicans in Congress led by Rand Paul are not suggesting that President Obama should resign because Beyonce reportedly lip-synced the national …

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The New Yorker Promotes Facebook Only Content

One of the biggest, if not the most important issue in journalism right now is the transition into the digital age.  Venerable print news outlets are struggling with the onslaught of readily available, free information on the internet.  The ones that have any chance of surviving have to stay relevant in a rapidly changing journalism scene where everyone is a …

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