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Cancelled TV Shows 2014: List Grows

The cancelled TV shows 2014 list is has grown over the past few days with several seemingly popular shows not making the cut for a new season. Forbes has actually compiled a new list that features not only those shows cancelled, but those renewed and new to TV as well. Let’s concentrate on those cancelled TV shows for which 2014 …

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Betsy Brandt Joins ‘Masters of Sex’ Cast

Breaking Bad and The Michael J. Fox Show star Betsy Brandt finds one sexy new television gig. Brandt will join the second season of Showtime’s Masters of Sex. She will have a recurring role as Barbara, a new secretary to Dr. William Masters (Michael Sheen). Previously the secretarial job was held by Miss Horchow (Margo Martindale) and temporary secretary Libby …

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Michael J. Fox: Will His New Show Be Cancelled?

Remember when NBC used to run the sitcom world? It just seems like yesterday when it was on top and the other networks were trying to play catch up. But that was years ago, and since then, ABC and CBS have not only caught up to NBC, but they’ve surpassed it with hits like “Modern Family” and “2 Broke Girls,” …

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Michael J. Fox On Working With Parkinson’s

“Vanity’s really overrated,” Michael J. Fox says. “I don’t need to be pretty anymore. I just am who I am.” Those are pretty harsh words for a guy whose adorable features helped to propel him to stardom in the ’80s and saw teen girls everywhere hanging up his Tiger Beat posters on their walls. But Fox, whose new show premieres …

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