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Megyn Kelly, Meteorologist Janice Dean Slept Together? It’s a Long Story!
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Some candid moments are priceless! However, Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly has made one moment absolutely unforgettable, and its all because of an awkward joke. Although she actually tried to clear up the awkward connotation, the statement quickly took on …

Megyn Kelly Says That Santa Claus is White
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Megyn Kelly was recently criticized for speaking about the cultural interpretation concerning the race of Santa Claus. Kelly discussed Santa Claus Should Not Be a White Man Anymore, which was written by Slate‘s Aisha Harris. Harris wrote, “When I was …

Megyn Kelly: Fox Hopes for Younger Viewers Megyn Kelly: Fox Hopes for Younger Viewers
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Megyn Kelly started her new stint in Fox News prime time this week, as the 5th schedule change ever for Fox News, went into effect. Fox is widely known as a right wing media leader, with strong opinion hosts such …